Dracaena Marginata – Red Edged Dracaena

Dracaena marginata commonly called Red-edge Dracaena or Madagascar dragon tree, and can grow to 15 feet in height, supported by a long, slender truck or “cane” and it is also one of the top indoor plants.

Its foliage is a near vertical to horizontal mass of narrow pointed green leaves with red to purple stripes along the outer edge. As new leaves emerge from the top, the mature leaves on the bottom drop away.

The Dracaena marginata canes can be grown straight to produce a tall plant with a compact “footprint” or be trained to curve, creating unique character plants. Several Dracaena canes are generally planted in each pot, often of varying lengths to produce a “fuller” specimen.

Marginata the Red Edged Dracaena

Dracaenas have wide leaves that do accumulate dust. Wipe leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust. Although most Dracaenas have few problems with pest, occasionally mealy bug and scale can attack the plant.

Dracaena can get pest like the mealy bug, spider mites and scale! Homeowners have few safe choices… until now! Click here to read the latest article on an easy, safe, natural solution for Dracaena pests!

The temperature requirements for Dracaena marginata is a comfortable 75 degrees and the water requirements are low. Dracaenas are one of the plants used in the NASA Clean Air Study and has shown to help remove Formaldehyde.

Contact your local garden professional for information on treating your tropicals for pest and for care information check out the Dracaena Care Guide.